Kite Safaris Instruction

Kitesurfing Lessons and Instruction

We offer the highest quality IKO- and VDWS-certified instruction on Egypt’s Red Sea—whether you’re a beginner eager to try kiting, an intermediate rider who would like a quick refresher, an advanced freerider looking to dial in new tricks, or a seasoned kiter who wants to check out foiling, our instructors will help you achieve your kitesurfing dreams.

In our Kite Safaris we offer four types of instructional courses: Introductory, Refresher, Progression, and Foilboarding. All of the courses have curriculum and duration that has proven to be highly efficient and effective; the structure, however, is fully customizable for you—private or group; mornings or afternoons; one day or every day; your equipment or ours. We will work with you before the trip to personalize an instructional course that perfectly meets your kiting goals.


Waist-deep, warm water, sand bottoms, clean wind, no one else around—our kite safari locations are absolutely ideal for learning. The Introductory Course is 10-hours long, typically spread out over four days. We begin with learning about kite equipment, wind and power theory, and safety systems. Very quickly we get you out on the water, learning how to fly and control a kite, launch and land the kite, water relaunch of the kite, and body-dragging. After that, it’s time to get on the board and ride! Our instructors will work with you on riding skills crucial to becoming an independent kiteboarder, including water starts, board control, and upwind travel. Our Introductory course will get you out riding quickly, safely, and confidently.

  • 10 hours of group instruction: 500€ (group size limit of two)
  • 10 hours of private instruction: 700€
  • Additional Introductory instruction: 60€ per person, per hour


Has it been a while since you’ve been on the water and you’d like to refresh your skillset? Or maybe you’re not completely confident in riding on your own yet and would prefer to have an instructor on-hand? We’ve got you covered. This two-hour Refresher Course will keep you progressing as a kiteboarder, safely and smoothly. We will review the basics and then concentrate on personalized instruction—from upwind riding to water re-launch to transitions—to quickly get you back to the level you were at and beyond!

  • 2 hours of group instruction: 100€ (group size limit of three)
  • 2 hours of private instruction: 170€
  • Additional Refresher instruction: 60€ per person, per hour


Mastered the basics and hungry for more? Great! There’s no better spot in the world to start breaking through to the next level of kiting than here—our kite safaris spots are epic laboratories for practicing and perfecting your arsenal of kite tricks. This two-hour Progression Course will be customized to focus on learning whatever tricks you desire: back rolls, airs and grabs, aerial transitions, riding blind or toeside, and more.

  • 2 hours of private instruction: 150€
  • Additional Freeride instruction: 65€ per person, per hour


Our two-hour private introductory course will welcome you to the addictive world of foilboarding where you literally fly over the water, sailing upwind in winds previously thought of as far too light (but not anymore!). A challenging step up from kiteboarding, foilboarding requires a modified set of skills to get started and our instructors will be with you the entire way, covering water-start techniques, how to stay on the board, changing directions, toe-side turns, and crash management.

  • 4 hours of private instruction: 400€
  • Additional Foilboarding instruction: 90€ per person, per hour

All courses and lessons include all necessary equipment. If you still wish to continue using the equipment when the course or lesson is over, our standard rental rates apply.