Kite Safaris Wind and Weather

Wind and Weather

Clean, consistent, and reliable, the wind of the Red Sea is some of the best in the world. From May through October, the wind is perfect: up all day, every day—and it’s during this six-month peak that we schedule our Kite Safaris. Add in warm weather and equally warm water, and you have the ultimate combination for the perfect kite safari vacation in Egypt.


Tawila, Geisum, Ashrafi, and the other islands of the northern Red Sea where we sail our Kite Safaris see a historical average of 80% kiteable wind from May through October, usually pumping around 18 to 25 knots. We often go weeks without a wind-free day—seriously, weeks! And forget about gusty conditions—the wind comes across the sea from the north with no obstructions. This is as clean and consistent wind as you will ever find.


With the near-constant wind out at sea, temperatures during our kite safaris stay quite a bit cooler than the land-based temperatures at Hurghada or El Gouna, but you should still come prepared for 25-32°C during the day and a few degrees less at night.
The water of the Red Sea is incredibly warm: 25°C and up during our kite safari season, so you can skip the wetsuit and double-down on the board shorts.