South till Dolphin Reef (Sataya)

Sataya – Fury Shoal – South: South of Marsa Alam, in the area of Wadi Gimal there is Shaab Sharm. A huge reef with colorful overgrown drop offs on the north and north west side and a gorgoniawall between 17m and 22m in the east direction. The plateau on the east side, starting from 18m to 32m depth, with its coral block formations is the home of a lot of marine life. Doctor fishes, different kinds of reef fishes, napoleons and small critters – very often you see a turtle eating and resting. The plateau continues small along the south side of the main reef. Dolphins, sharks and mantas patrol along the reef in the blue. Shilineat in Wadi Gimal is the aquarium. Along the beautiful hard coral garden on the west side and in the high amount of blocks in the sandy area beside the reef you can rummage for camouflage artists and small critters. In maximum 16m and with the white sand and the sunlight it is amazing and full of small fishes and species. Very often there are turtles or dolphins around.

South of Hamata there is the big area of the Fury Shoals. The reefs are close to each other but also very different for diving. In Abu Galawa Soraya there is a small wreck, a sailing boat sank in the 80th and it´s full of soft corals and the home of many glass fishes. On the north side you can dive over fantastic hard coral formations and enter through into a theatre with sandy bottom and the walls around are colorful hard coral blocks with many murder mussels in different sizes. As well Abu Galawa Kebir is home of a wreck. The Chinese barge named TIEN HSING sank in 1943 and lays between 5m and 16m depth directly at the reef and meanwhile it is a part of it. Shaab Claudio makes fun! There you have caves, canyons, openings and passages in 5m to 16m depth. It´s easy to dive and full of marine life. Close to Shaab Claudio there is El Malahi, the children’s playground. The single coral towers stay close to each other overgrown with hard corals and invite to cruise around to discover the small overhangs and passages. Blue fusiliers and other reef fishes stay around the blocks in the sunlight. Shaab Maksur is a small but long reef with a plateau in the north and south and drop offs in the west and east side. At the north terraced plateau you can see often dolphins, barracudas or reef sharks passing by. The south plateau with its bigger coral blocks is home for many species. The southeast point of Fury Shoals is Shaab Sataya. Horseshoe-shaped the huge lagoon is home for dolphins and on the very south side of the reef you have a nice shallow plateau with coral gardens and blocks ending at a drop off.

The tour descriptions (dive sites) are samples. Depending on the weather conditions and the quality of the divers other dive sites can be choosen.