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Our Fleet

The first owned boat the fleet of Golden Dolphin Safari World started with, was built 2003 and designed for divers…


The Red Sea stretches, in total, for more than 2.200 km and has a maximum width of about 350 km…

world of Golden Dolphin Safaris!

Explore the most interesting dive sites of the Red Sea

A liveaboardor diving safari – is one of the biggest and most impressive adventures in a diver’s life… discover it yourself on one of our comfortable boats from Golden Dolphin Safari World. There, non diving partners will find several possibilities to have an exciting and relaxing holiday trip as well.

Just some steps away from the spacious cabin to the dive deck for the early morning dive, relaxing on the sun deck or enjoying the buffet. Take some snacks here and join a pleasant chat with your fellow travellers from all over the world or watch at evening the starry sky of Egypt – where else fun and relaxation are that close to each other?

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Liveaboards Fleet

Our Red Sea Liveaboard Safari Boats

Red Sea Destinations

Best Liveaboard diving route in the world


North Classic

The “Thistlegorm” is probably the most famous wreck in the Red Sea. The British ship was on the way to Egypt to bring military equipment of all kinds for the British troops in North Africa. But then on the 6 th of October 1941 a German bomber attacked the Thistlegorm. Now the wreck is lying upright on the sea-bottom at 30-m depth. Especially interesting is the cargo: Tanks, trucks, motorcycles, weapons, railway carriage and one railway engine…


Deep South

The reef at Elphinstone is one of most beautiful reefs in Egypt. The north and the south plateaus of this reef are alone worth the visit to Egypt. At the wall and the drop off you will find a lot of spectacular colorful soft corals and also black corals. Because of the remote location of the reef you can meet the “big fish”. It is not unusual here to find Hammerheads, Grey Sharks, Barracudas and dolphins…


The Great Island Tour

The Islands – the Big Brother and the Little Brother – are two small isolated promontories that just come out of the water in the middle of the sea. The Brother Islands have a very high concentration of life in a very reduced area. The walls are covered literally with sponges, anemones and all sorts of soft coral alcyonarian in an astonishing variety of colors and shapes. Of course you will find here plenty of fish…


On a Kite-Safari, kite-surfing is a main activity, therefore we travel, whenever possible.


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