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    • Harbor of departure/ arrival

      We are operating from several harbors:
      Hurghada and Port Ghalib.
      The arrival and departure harbor of your liveaboard you will find on our homepage under Availability

      Transfer times:
      From Hurghada airport to Sindbad Marina Hurghada around 10-15 min.
      From Hurghada airport to Port Ghaleb around 3 hours.
      From Marsa Alam airport to Port Ghaleb around 15 min.

      We reserve the right to change the harbor of arrival and/or departure according to the boat schedule.

    • Arrival at the Airport , Meet & Assist, Visa and Transfer

      A representative of Golden Dolphin Safari World will meet you in the Arrival hall of Hurghada or Marsa Alam Airport before the passport control counters - easily recognizable by a sign with the "Golden Dolphin Safari World" logo. At Hurghada Airport you will find him at counter no. 1 "Divers Meeting Point". You will receive the visa for Egypt directly from him. In case of issues (e.g. "lost luggage") he will advise and take action. Upon arrival in Marsa Alam, a passport copy must be presented upon request. Our transfer driver is waiting outside the arrivals hall of the Airport holding a sign with the “Golden Dolphin Safari World” logo and will bring you to your boat. Depending on the arrival time, some guests will be brought to our office/hotel before the "Check In" on board, as this takes place in the afternoon. If you have booked a hotel stay before the safari, we will be happy to pick you up from your hotel in the vicinity. Please email us your cell phone number before arrival so that we can inform you about the exact time for the transfer to the boat.

    • Check-in and Check-out onboard

      Our crew needs some time to clean and load the boats. Please note: Check-in not earlier than 5pm on the first day of the liveaboard and check-out not later than 10am on the last day of the liveaboard

      You will spend the first night of the tour on board in the harbor, the last night of the trip you will spend on board in the harbor or in a 4-star hotel, depending on the boat's schedule.

      One day before your departure, in the afternoon, the boat returns to the marina. Luggage will be taken from storage to prepare all your personal belongings. The details, such as pick-up times, etc. for your return trip, will be provided by our dive guides on board.

    • Trip order

      • Check In onboard at the arrival day from 06:00 p.m.
      • Leaving marina on the next day before noon.
      • 5 days in the sea – 3-4 dives per day, depending on the routing.
      Operation of a diving safari is always depending on the actual weather and sea conditions, local regulations,
      as well as from the skills of divers taking part.
      A guarantee for approaching of certain reefs cannot be given for these reasons.
      • Last day (day before departure) max. 2 dives, afterwards back to the marina.
      • Board: Full Board during Cruise (Except: Arrival Day "dinner" and Departure Day "breakfast")
      • Check Out latest on departure day (10:00 a.m.).
      • Depending on organization or technical reason it is possible to accommodate our guests for the last night (based on HB) in a hotel.
      • Transfer back to the airport
      (Subject to change)

    • Rental equipment and spare parts

      There is no rental equipment stock on board available, only spare equipment for the worst-case scenario.
      If you need complete rental equipment or only some items of the equipment, please inform us/or your agency should inform us at least one week before arrival, including the sizes if necessary. A short-term obtaining is possible, but this takes time and could delay the trip start!!!
      Please do not forget the most important spare parts for your equipment, such as: mask and fin straps, repair kit for regulator and batteries, film and spare bulbs for your torch.

    • Diving accident

      For diving emergencies there are 2 x 50 liter oxygen tanks with masks on board. The equipment for them can is with the captain or the dive guides. First aid kits are also available on board.
      To avoid any costs such. e.g.: decompression chamber etc., we highly recommend closing a diving accident insurance (before the trip!!). Please show your travel insurance, health insurance and/or diving insurances at the beginning of the liveaboard.

    • Diving courses

      Doing an AOWD, Nitrox and various specialty courses are possible during the safari. Please register for courses at least one week before the trip to make sure that we can provide an instructor for your course and the course materials.

    • Enriched Air (Nitrox)

      We offer Nitrox up to 32% on our boats free of charge. Nitrox from 32% is against surcharge.
      Nitrox will be filled in 12 l or in 15 l tanks!!!
      Please let us know about with an E-mail in advance if you would like to dive with Nitrox..
      The same applies for Nitrox courses - otherwise implementation cannot be guaranteed!
      Please note: If Nitrox system fails for technical reasons, there is no right of regress.

    • Marine park

      Generally night dives are prohibited in the Red Sea Marine parks.
      Entering the islands of Zabargad and Rocky Island is not permitted.
      For the marine parks a special permit must be obtained.
      Please note: For liveaboards, sailing to marine parks, an AOWD certifications with at least 50 logged is required according to the Egyptian Water Sports and Diving Authority.

    • Payment conditions and cancellation policy

      We require a 20% down payment upon booking to be paid latest 30 days after receiving the Invoice. Reservation is from our side
      confirmed only after down payment transfer is confirmed. The remaining amount has to be transferred at least 2 weeks
      before the beginning of the trip.
      These are standard procedures and are not negotiable.

      In case of cancellation the following fees will be deducted:
      a) Until 70th Day before travel start = 15% of Travel expenses
      b) From 69th till 56th Day before travel start = 20% of Travel expenses
      c) From 55th till 30th Day before travel start = 30% of Travel expenses
      d) From 29st till 15th Day before travel start = 75% of Travel expenses
      e) 14 Days before travel start = 95% of Travel expenses
      f) By arrangement through a tour operator “Terms & Conditions” from the tour operator is validity

    • Environmental regulations

      Excerpt of the statutory provisions on environmental protection:
      • Hunting, fishing, collecting or destroying corals or shells etc. is prohibited.
      • Bringing or throwing any kind of objects into the sea, such as rubbish, oil, etc. is prohibited.
      • There is a general ban on anchoring in protected areas
      • Feeding fish and birds is forbidden.
      • It is generally forbidden for divers to wear gloves
      • Walking on corals and reefs is prohibited.
      • The maximum diving depth, prescribed by Egyptian law, is 40 m!
      • Disregard can result in a high fine or even imprisonment!

    • Climate & clothing

      The Red Sea area has a dry desert climate.
      During the summer months day time temperatures are around 35°C and higher.
      During the winter months it cools down noticeably in the evenings, so that a windbreaker or a warmer sweater is sometimes advisable during the day.
      On board light, summery clothing and a warm pullover are satisfactory for cool evenings.
      Please do not forget to wear ear protection and warm socks!

    • Gratuities

      A Bakschisch is also well-known as a gratuity to the crew and guides, it is very welcome if you are satisfied with the level of service they have provided during your diving safari.
      At the end of your trip your dive guide will put two envelopes on the table, one for the crew and one for the guides.
      Gratuity is always a voluntary gift. It is up to you how much you would like to give!

    • Others

      We reserve the right to change your reservation/booking from one liveaboard to another one within the same class, if the situation makes it necessary.
      It is also possible that guests might have to stay the first or last night of the trip in a hotel according to the boats schedule.

    • Participation in a liveaboard

      A completed diving training and at least 30 logged dives should be proven to participate in a liveaboard. For safaris going to marine parks, 50 logged dives have be proven according to the Egyptian Water Sports and Diving Authority. The last dive should not be more than 1 year ago. If one of these requirements is not fulfilled, it is up to our dive guides to exclude the participant from certain dives of the liveaboard. Furthermore, it is at the discretion of the dive guide to adapt the safari tour to the education and experience level of the participants.
      In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Chamber of Diving and Watersports, guests are required to complete and sign a Health Record Form prior to departure. If one or more of the medical points listed there apply to you, it is necessary to see a doctor in order to be able to prove your fitness to dive. It would be best and easiest for you if you arrive with a medical diving certificate.

    • What you should have in your diving luggage

      Additionally to the traditional equipment every diver should have following items of equipment and documents:
      • medical statement or medical examination certificate (Divers under age of 40 not older than 2 years, divers over age 40 not older than 1 year)
      • log book
      • certification cards
      • dive insurance
      • a copy of your passport
      • Voucher from your travel agency
      • Suit (3 mm – 7 mm) depending of the season. Water temperatures range from 24°C to 28°C April to October and from November through to March 19°C to 24°C.
      • regulator with alternative air source
      • dive computer with spare batteries (recommended)
      • SMB
      • Mask, snorkel, fins and BCD
      • torch per buddy team for diving during day and for each diver for the night dive

    • Payment on board

      Please make sure that you have enough cash for payments on board with you.
      We accept the following currencies: Euro, Swiss Franc, US Dollar and Egyptian pound.
      Credit card payment is not possible on our boats!

    • Language

      The on-board language is English.
      All our dive guides speak English and the most of our dive guides also speak German and Arabic.

    • Accessibility in an emergency

      Should you have any questions or issues, our dive guides, boat crew and the office team are ready to offer solutions or advises anytime!

      OUR Emergency phone numbers:
      Safwat: +20 12 2311 7512
      24 hour line: +20 12 2933 6336
      Office: +20 012 2239 4063

    • Accessibility for reservations and bookings

      Reservations and bookings:

      Golden Dolphin Safari World
      Hurghada - Red Sea - Egypt
      E-mail: [email protected]

    • Your stay on board

      At arrival to your safari boat you take off your shoes, the crew will store it for you during the trip and you will them back at the end of your diving safari. It is strictly forbidden to wear shoes on board. Outside of the cabins and in the salon bath shoes or light sail shoes are allowed (inside no kind of footwear is allowed because of the sensitive floor (wood) and smuggled dirt)

    • Safety

      Life jackets are available in your cabin as a rescue device.
      Self-inflating life rafts are located on the upper deck and are operated by the crew when required.
      All cabins are equipped with powder fire extinguishers, you will find them also in the salon and in the engine room for emergency cases.
      Upon arrival on board you will be instructed about the location and handling of the rescue equipment.

    • Cabins

      All cabins on our boats have portholes or windows. Please make sure that these are closed during the trip and in stormy seas. Your cabin is also equipped with life jackets, towels, bathrobes, a minibar and A/C. Please contact the salon crew or your guides at any time to adjust you’re A/C.

    • Bath & Toilets

      Please DO NOT throw toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and other hygiene items or similar into the toilet, use the containers provided for this purpose, otherwise blockages may occur. Repairing during the liveaboard is usually not possible or associated with a strong dirt and odor nuisance! In addition, the toilet paper drifts over the reef and disturbs highly the pleasure of diving! The shower water is discharged directly into the sea, so please try to be economical with your shower items and get biodegradable shampoos and shower gels.

      2 big towels and a bathrobe will be provided per week!

    • Valuables

      At the beginning of the trip you will receive an envelope from the guides in which you can put your valuables such as cash, passport etc. These are then locked in the safe (located in the captain's cabin). If offer is not accepted, no liability will be accepted for missing valuables.

    • Sleeping on deck

      If you prefer to sleep on deck please bring your own sleeping bag with you. You can take your blanket and pillow from your bed to the high deck but not your mattress. Please bring all items back to your cabin that nothing get lost through the wind or i get mixed up with the items of the other guests.

    • Salon

      The Salon is a dry area! Please do not wear any wet diving or swimming suits in the salon!
      The upholstered seats need a long time to get dry because of the high humidity and floors become very slippery when wet.
      There you will find not only coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, beer, wine and snacks, but also our first aid box and very comfortable sofas for your TV evening.

    • Food & beverages

      Soft drinks, tea, coffee and water are available on board without extra charge. For alcoholic beverages on board we charge extra
      On GDI – GDIII: for beer (0,5l) 3,50 Euro, bottle of wine (0.75l) – Omar Khayyam – 15,00 Euro
      On GDIV: for beer (0,5l) 3,50 Euro, bottle of wine (0.75l) – Cape Bay - 25,00 Euro.

      The consumption of too much alcoholic beverages and diving do not fit together!!!
      Between the dives it’s not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages!!!!

      Food on board is served in buffet form with a selection of meat, poultry, fish, pasta, rice, potatoes and vegetables.
      In case of special requests like: vegetarian or vegan food, special drinks (soda, tonic etc.) allergies, diabetic etc. please inform us in advance by Email.

      A Nespresso Machine is available on all of our boats. As we don’t sell the capsules onboard please supply yourself in advance.

    • Smoking on board

      There is a general ban on smoking in the cabins and in the salon.
      Fire alarms are installed on the boats for your safety and respond to the slightest amount of smoke.
      Please do not throw butts overboard - use the provided ashtrays.
      Smoking on the dive deck is not permitted, especially in winter time when dry suits are hanging or when working with oxygen.

    • Electricity

      We provide onboard 220 volt AC.
      You can charge your batteries in the saloon or on the dive deck.
      Please do not charge your items in your cabin due to fire hazard.
      A charging station for lamps or cameras is located on the dive deck.

    • Telephone & WiFi

      We provide WiFi on our boats free of charge.
      The quality of the internet varies depending on the distance to the mainland, but as long as we are within range, you are welcome to use the WiFi. However, we ask you not to make any larger downloads, as the available data volume is limited and will otherwise be used up too quickly.
      Switch off all automatic updates on your devices and make sure that your roaming is not working, otherwise very high roaming charges from your mobile operator may apply.

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