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    • Registration, Travel Confirmation

      Of the written registration offers the customer of the company Golden Dolphin Safari World the conclusion of a travel contract on all participants specified in the registration obligatorily on, on their contractual obligation of the applicants as for its own in-stands, if he took over an appropriate obligation by express and separate explanation. The travel contract comes off with the written reservation confirmation (confirmation of booking) through Golden Dolphin Safari World.

    • Payment

      Latest until 30 days after receiving the travel confirmation / Invoice, 20% of the travel price needs to be paid for each traveler. Delay of payment entitles Golden Dolphin Safari World for the cancellation of the reservation. The remaining Invoice amount becomes due latest 14 days before trip start, or as in individual cases evident from the reservation confirmation.

    • Achievements

      The range of the contractual achievements results from the performance specification of Golden Dolphin Safari World as well as from that on that referring data in the travel confirmation. Special agreements, which change the range of the contractual achievements, require an express written confirmation through Golden Dolphin Safari World.

    • Changes of Achievement

      Changes or deviations of individual travel services of agreed upon contents of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of a contract and were caused by Golden Dolphin Safari World not against faithful and faith, are permitted, as far as they are not substantial and do not impair the total of the booked journey. The customer is to be informed concerning this immediately.

    • Resignation and Change Reservation by Customer/Substitute

      The Customer can resign any time from the travel contract. To be of effect resignation, it is authoritative that Golden Dolphin Safari World receives his explanation. If the Customer steps back or he does not show up for his journey, the Travel organizer can demand a replacement for his expenses. For the calculation are saved expenses and possibly for different use from the achievements to take into consideration.

      Golden Dolphin Safari World can take the compensation consider of the moment of resignation for each enroll announced a flat rate as followed:
      a) Until 70th Day before travel start = 15% of Travel expenses
      b) From 69th till 56th Day before travel start = 20% of Travel expenses
      c) From 55th till 30th Day before travel start = 30% of Travel expenses
      d) From 29st till 15th Day before travel start = 75% of Travel expenses
      e) 14 Days before travel start = 90% of Travel expenses
      f) By arrangement through a tour operator “Terms & Conditions” from the tour operator is validity

    • Not-Taken Achievements

      The traveler does not take several part achievements because of premature return journey or other compelling reasons (e.g. sea-sickness), no refund will be deduct.

    • Resignation and Cancellation through Golden Dolphin Safari World

      Golden Dolphin safari World can withdraw in the following cases before or after the start of the journey from the travel contract:

      a) Without Adherence to a Time Limit
      If the traveler disturbs the execution of the journey regardless of a warning of Golden Dolphin Safari World lastingly or if it behaves in such measure contrary to the terms of the agreement this justifies an immediate abolition of the contract. Golden if Dolphin Safari World quits, then it keeps the requirement on the travel price; it must be able to be taken into account however the value of the saved expenditures as well as those advantages, it from other one use in requirement not taken of the achievements attained, including by the service providers the contributions good-brought.

      b) Until 2 Weeks Before Travel Starts
      With do not reach a written-out or official agreement the least number of participants in the travel invitation of tenders for the corresponding trip is pointed out as the least number of participants. In any case, Golden Dolphin Safari World is obliged to inform the customer immediately after entry of the condition on the not realization of the trip from this and to supply him with the travel advice of cancellation immediately. The customer gets back the deposited travel price immediately. Should be already evident at an earlier time that the least number of participants cannot be reached, Golden Dolphin Safari World has to inform the customers of it.

      Instead of the resignation or the cancellation, the trip can be carried out against corresponding, in particular flight-agreed surcharge, provided that the traveler declares moreover his approval.

      c) Until 4 Weeks Before Travel Starts
      If the execution of the journey is reasonable after exhaustion of all possibilities for Golden Dolphin Safari World not, because the reservation arising for the journey is so small the fact that the costs an excess of the economical victim border related to which, developing of Golden Dolphin Safari World in case of the execution of the journey, would mean journey. A right of cancellation of Golden Dolphin Safari World does not exist, however, if she has to represent the circumstances leading to it (e.g. Miscalculation) and if the circumstances leading to their resignation prove and a comparable spare offer submitted to the traveler.

      If the journey, for this reason, is called off, then the customer receives the deposited travel price immediately back. Additionally, its reservation expenditure is overall refunded to it, if it does not make use of a spare offer from Golden Dolphin Safari World.

    • Cancellation of the contract due to unexpected events beyond the control of both parties

      In the event of international border closures, airport closures, or a positive COVID-test result, that prevent a guest from travelling, Golden Dolphin Safari World will permit the guest to postpone the trip to a future date. The future trip must be completed before the end of the following year. Standard cancellation terms are then adjusted to the new trip date.

    • Liability of Golden Dolphin Safari World

      Golden Dolphin Safari World is liable under the due diligence of a prudent businessman for:

      a) Conscientious travel preparations
      b) The careful selection and monitoring of service providers
      c) The correctness of one's own performance specifications
      d) The proper execution of the agreed travel services.

      If in the context of a journey or in addition to her carriage services provided and the traveler is a corresponding ticket is issued, provides Golden Dolphin Safari World external services so far if it is on the tour and in the travel confirmation expressly pointed out. It is therefore not liable for providing the transport service itself any liability in such a case depends on the transport provisions of the companies on which the traveler and the explicit reference to him at the request should be made available.

    • Warranty

      If the tour is not the contract provided, then the traveller may require remedial. Golden Dolphin Safari World may refuse the redress if they have a disproportionate effort. The remedy can be created also by contribution of an equivalent indemnification. This replacement (s) the traveller may only refuse if it means cutting the total package booked is no longer guaranteed.

    • Limited Liability

      A requirement for compensation against Golden Dolphin Safari World is to that extent limited when due to laws, which are to be applied to from the service provider to furnishing achievements, such a requirement can be made valid against the service provider only under certain conditions or restrictions. A requirement on compensation against Golden Dolphin Safari World is impossible or limited, as far as due to laws, which are be applied to from the service provider to furnishing achievements, a requirement on compensation against the service provider only under certain conditions or restrictions be made valid can or are under certain conditions impossible.

      If Golden Dolphin Safari World has the position of a contractual air carrier, then the adhesion regulates itself according to the regulations of the air traffic law in connection with the international agreements in Warsaw, Den Haag, Guadalajara, and Montreal (only for flights to the USA or Canada). If Golden Dolphin Safari World deals in this respect in other countries as an air carrier are responsible for these valid regulations.

    • Obligation to Cooperate

      The traveler is required to have arisen in their power to remedy faults and to keep them low. He is particularly obliged to immediately inform the local tour guides to announce. This is mandated to provide redress for, if this is possible.

    • Passport, Visa and Health Regulations

      The traveler is responsible for the adherence to all regulations themselves important for the execution of the journey. All disadvantages, which arise from the disregard of these regulations, go to its loads, excluded if they are due to culpable wrong information of the tour operator Golden Dolphin Safari World. Golden Dolphin Safari World stands for it in, to inform the traveler over regulations of passport, visa, and health regulations, which admit or admit with the application of the care necessary in traffic.

    • Limitation

      Contractual requirements of the traveler from the travel contract fall under the statute of limitations in 6 months counted starting from the day of the agreed-upon travel.

    • Inefficacy of Individual Regulations

      The inefficacy of individual regulations of the travel contract does not entail the inefficacy of the entire travel contract.

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