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Diving in Egypt - Red Sea

December 06, 2023

A Diving Safari in Egypt

is a fantastic way to explore the Red Sea's stunning underwater life. Here are some reasons why going on a liveaboard in Egypt is a great idea:

Diversity of Dive Sites: The Red Sea is home to a wealth of dive sites with an amazing variety of coral reefs, wrecks and marine life. From shallow reefs to deep walls, it offers something for divers of all experience levels.
Spectacular underwater world: The colorful coral splendor and the diverse marine fauna are impressive. From tropical fish to large fish such as sharks, rays and turtles - there is a lot to discover here.
Optimal Conditions: The clear, warm waters of the Red Sea offer excellent visibility and comfortable temperatures, making the diving experience even more enjoyable.
Experienced dive guides: The liveaboards are accompanied by experienced dive guides who not only ensure your safety but can also share their local knowledge about the best dive sites and marine life.
Unique Wrecks: Egypt is home to some of the most fascinating wrecks in the world, including the famous SS Thistlegorm wreck and the SS Dunraven wreck, which are a paradise for wreck divers.
Diving adventure and community: On a liveaboard you spend time with like-minded people, share your passion for diving and experience shared adventures on board and underwater.
Accessibility and Infrastructure: Egypt is easily accessible from many locations and has a well-developed diving infrastructure specializing in the needs of divers.

A liveaboard in Egypt's Red Sea offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world and have unforgettable diving adventures.

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