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Avoid dehydration!

August 21, 2023

Summer, sun, fun - in addition to great dives, all this is part of a diving safari at Golden Dolphin Safari World!

So that you can really enjoy it, it is important that you observe an important basic rule:

Avoid dehydration!

Dehydration? So what is that? - Put simply, it is the decrease in fluid levels in the body.
Especially divers in our "climates" lose liquid continuously and sometimes unnoticed, e.g. through:

· Sweating - speed when putting on the equipment is not always good, if you are in your already closed diving suit while the others are just starting to get dressed, you will already "dehydrate" - especially in summer

· Breathing the dry pressurized gas from the scuba tank. This leads to an increased demand for moist air from the lungs.

· Diving itself increases the formation of urine in the body: who doesn't know that in the water ... "should I, shouldn't I ..." or the run on the diving deck toilets after the dive?

Dehydration can also be caused, for example, by:

· Inadequate fluid intake: Divers from relatively temperate climate zones (such as Germany) who come to our boats often have problems changing their drinking habits.

· Drinking all kinds of dehydrating beverages such as alcohol and strong coffee (no, we don’t want to take your well-deserved deco beer away from you... the right amount matters)

· Conditions that cause loss of body fluids (e.g. diarrhea and vomiting).

So, dear divers - please drink enough water (partly with rehydration salts) so that you can enjoy your liveaboard fresh and healthy!

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